Welcome to The Jesus Name Pentecostal Church

We are thankful you have taken time to visit Jesus Name Pentecostal Church Online. We are making an effort to provide helpful information and inspirational material through our website. We are also offering insight into who we are, how we worship and what we believe. Having said that, an online visit cannot possibly match the experience of being in the presence of God, in His house with those pictured on this site. So we invite you to come worship with us as soon as possible. Our Website has been online for a short time. Please visit often to see the updates.


Our Mission:

To build a strong Relationship:

With God through Worship (John 4:23-24)
In our families through Godly Principles (Col 3:19-21)
With the body of Christ through Discipleship (John 13:35)
With our community in Evangelism (Matt 28:19)



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